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leftovers or a small family. It not only will tenderize the meat, but will meld all of the flavors for a
delicious dinner. Simply add the ingredients in this oval shaped programmable cooker and when
You come home a wonderful aroma will fill your kitchen with a meal prepared to enjoy.
This small jewel has a user friendly touchpad control panel that is easy to operate. There are four
Cooking modes such as high, low, simmer, and hot. When cooking time is completed the unit
Automatically switches to warm so your food stays hot and ready whenever you're ready to
eat. There is a ceramic pot that can be conveniently removed. Your meals can be prepared the night
Before and put in the refrigerator. The next morning just place the pot in the unit. Set the cooking
Time and that is it! Cleanup is so easy because the pot is dishwasher safe. There is a glass lid so
You may easily find out what is happening during the cooking process. The lid is also dishwasher safe .
The upper rack of your dishwasher.
You just gotta have this small slow cooker if You're a smaller family or you want to make yummy
Desserts to adhere to a larger meal made in your bigger cooker.
This slow cooker has non-slip rubber feet to keep it from changing and stay cool handles for
safety. The 24 hour timer control touchpad includes a LED display panel.
Delicious recipes and hints to get the best results.
The brushed stainless housing will look very stylish sitting on your counter and include a taste of
All parts which will be touching your food are BPA free.
Like all small electrical appliances, make sure you thoroughly read the documentation before
operating. These are very important tips and generally if anyone has a complaint you can follow it back
To the owner not reading this guide.
Positive comments
Nearly all owners gave this toaster the highest score possible. What most liked about it
It's the perfect size to cook a meal for their family. Additionally many commented that there
Was nothing flimsy about the parts or the construction. Many times you hear the smaller slow
Cookers are not as sturdy as the bigger ones. That sure isn't true with this one.
There were comments about the recipes that were included.
nutritional value of each is given. Calories, carbs, fat, protein, sodium, and other nutrients are part of
the recipes.
1 person writing a cookbook on slow cooking actually owns 10 different slow cookers and she
Said this one was her favorite. She felt the simmer setting works better on this cooker than on any of
the others.
I Want to repeat again, the overwhelming bulk lo

ved the size of this cooker because it was
Not everyone wants a lot of leftovers and this cooker
Seems to match the lifestyle of many.
Negative comments
There was difference of opinion on what is meant by programmable. Some consider programmable
Having the ability to change from high to low setting during the cooking process with preprogramming.
This unit won't perform that function. Others believed programmable being able
To automatically switch from the cook temperature to the warm atmosphere. This unit does function that
Try this one out. You're missing out on a tasty, easy and healthy way of cooking for those who haven't


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