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Kenwood kMix KMX5 review

If you fancy yourself as a Star Baker on the Great British Bake Off, then there's no
Better place to begin than with its stand mixer of choice for 2015, the Kenwood kMix.
A more contemporary take on the classic version, but with all the beating, whipping,
Creaming and kneading art of the first, the kMix is a fashionable workhorse. The
Mixer's 5-litre bowl can manage up to 12 egg whites, 2.7kg of cake batter, 1.3kg bread

It comes with a multitude of smart features, from a soft start for minimal spills, to an
Electronic sensor that has been designed to maintain speed under different load conditions
-- for when eggs are added, for instance.
Although its style may be charmingly retro, the kMix's features are bang up to date. For
starters, its die-cast aluminium body makes it lighter at 8.1kg than some equivalent
It has a neat

Four tools -- a flexible creaming beater, dough hook, K-beater and whisk -- provide
Fantastic versatility, plus a cover flips off at the front to reveal a socket for additional
Attachments, like a meat grinder. A small switch releases the head of the mixer for

There are eight speeds -- Min, Max and 1-6 plus a slow Fold option for blending light
Ingredients into heavier mixes, such as mousses and soufflés.
Ensures the tools reach all areas within the bowl, making the kMix it reassuringly

Offered in a selection of colours -- from Summer Yellow and Raspberry Red (shown), to

There's usually a knack to fitting tools on mixers, but with the kMix it simply involves a
There's a spanner for altering the height of the
beaters, and slotting the bowl into position is fuss-free too.
We started by making doughnuts, which was one of the included recipes. Using the
dough hook, we set the kMix on the Min speed to combine flour, sugar, butter and
yeast. After a minute, we used the opening on the splashguard to add milk, water and
This initially required a scrape down to help the mixture to come together. Once
combined, we turned it up to speed 2 to knead, which it did so quickly, using an efficient
planetary motion. The resulting dough was soft, elastic and the perfect consistency for
doughnuts. Once proved, filled and fried, they were fluffy inside with a light, crisp outer.
Moving onto making an exotic fruit pavlova, we attached the whisk tool and used it to
transform four eggs whites into a stiff consistency on Max speed, before whisking in
sugar to create a smooth, glossy mixture.
The mixer remained stable, even on the top speed -- although it was somewhat noisy.
Adding cornflour, vinegar and vanilla, we used the Fold option to incorporate the three
ingredients before baking -- a far less labour-intensive alternative to folding by hand.
The cooked meringue base was crisp on the outside with a soft, sticky interior. Using
the whisk attachment again, but this time on speed 2, the double cream for topping the
pavlova was whipped until it was peaking. The whisking was incredibly effective, taking
Less than the predicted three to four minutes, for the cream to be thoroughly whipped.
We finished by making cheesecake. We attached the creaming beater to mix together
cream cheese, crème fraîche, ricotta and sugar on Min speed. Gentler than the K
Beater, so ideal for this sort of mixing, this tool has a removable wiper blade that
sweeps around the bowl, gradually combining the ingredients. The resulting mixture
was smooth and silky.
Adding lemon juice, vanilla, eggs and cornflour, we continued to cream on Min speed
before moving to speed 1 to create a creamy cheesecake mixture that was liquid
Enough to pour on a biscuit base. The baked cheesecake had a smooth, fluffy texture
with a springy crust.
Clean-up was simple for the bowl and splashguard, since both are dishwasher-safe.
However, most of the tools had to be washed by hand, so regular bakers could find the
Extra washing-up a chore.
Finding a stand mixer that is quite as efficient and compact as the Kenwood kMix KMX5
will be hard. For the price it provides numerous tools, featur

es and capabilities, making
it an appealing proposition for keen bakers.
Functions aside, the kMix is also attractively designed, so it will look great on display in
the kitchen. It would have been nice to see some dedicated storage for its toolkit -- but
Beyond that, it is a pretty perfect package.
Soggy bottoms be gone. A great baking buy whether you're starting out or have years of
experience behind you.


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