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Jack Lalanne Juicer Reviews of 2017: The Best Models on the Market

The Jack LaLanne juicer company bears the name of their founder, the late great
fitness icon Jack LaLanne.

Advantages of healthy living through a series of books and his television show.

So he is often known as "the godfather of modern fitness."
His substantial influence and authority to begin promoting the Jack LaLanne Power
Through a series of infomercials, LaLanne praised the health benefits of homemade
Juice as a dietary staple while pitching the centrifugal machine. LaLanne's
Endorsement proved to be a powerful sales tool, and the company sold 2 million units
Within two decades.

The Jack LaLanne brand has updated the original Power Juicer,
And they've added a couple of new models to their line.

What makes each model stand out.
stood the test of time, and which ones are best suited for which customers.
Keep reading to determine which one is excellent for you!
Jack LaLanne Juicer Reviews
1. Power Juicer Deluxe

also a new, movable non-drip spout.
The centrifugal Deluxe features a single speed motor with 250 watts of power. The

Basket is also made of stainless steel, built into a hard plastic frame.
The Deluxe also features a round, extra wide feed chute, about the diameter of a
medium-sized apple and a plunger for pushing produce against the spinning blade.
The feed chute is designed to fit a Lot of different produce whole, sparing users the
extra prep work of chopping up the fruits and veggies.

parts. The motor on it's protected by a lifetime warranty.
In addition to
Giving it a modern, sleek appearance, the metallic body is more resistant to unsightly stains

The components of the Deluxe are easy to put together before juicing, and easy to
The Deluxe's parts are dishwasher-safe,

One of the biggest strengths of LaLanne machines, however, is their impressive juice
yield. LaLanne's patented juice extraction technology manages to extract higher
yields than any other centrifugal model in the Deluxe's price bracket. The Deluxe
Even outperforms models many times the cost.

centrifugal machines on the market. Even when juicing the toughest produce, the
LaLanne's noise level barely rises above a low hum. The whisper-quiet operation is a
Wonderful bonus for juice fans who like their daily glass in the morning. According to
One buyer, it extracts lots of juice while being very quiet.
The lifetime warranty on the motor is also a nice feature, ensuring that if the machine

While the Deluxe has stainless steel components where it matters most, there's also
Quite a lot of plastic in this machine. Certain parts of this machine feel more durable
than others, and it's doubtful this one would survive a fall from the countertop.

Only covers the motor--not the entire machine. The warranty for the rest of the
Machine is just 60 days long, which is significantly shorter than most competing
Important to read the manual beforehand, which has a range of tips and tricks for


improves on the legacy of its predecessor, adding an attractive brushed steel frame
and a new, non-drip spout. With whisper quiet operation and the best yield in its price
Bracket, the Deluxe has a lot to offer for a low price.
There are some downsides to this model--some plastic components and a limited
warranty cast doubt on the longevity of this model, and operation isn't as
straightforward as many other centrifugal models. Overall, however, the good
Outweighs the bad in the Power Juicer Deluxe, and this one is well worth the price.
2. Power Juicer Express
The Express is the compact member of this series, with a slimmer build and a smaller
footprint. It's the least expensive member of the LaLanne line.
There are three different color schemes available for the Express--white, black, and
stainless steel. The slim body has a sleek appearance, and the exterior is hard plastic
(except for the stainless steel version, which is slightly more expensive).
The slim body of the Express features the same internal mechanics as the Deluxe,
including the quiet 250-watt motor and operation speed of 3,600 RPM. There are also
The exact same non-drip spout and stainless steel bladed plate.
Like the Deluxe, the Express also features an extra wide feed tube, and detailed
Manual with tips to get the most out of this model. Additionally, it offers a lifetime warranty.
The primary appeal of the Express over other LaLanne models is the compact build.
This one is lightweight, slim, and has a small footprint. For homeowners short on
kitchen counter and/or cupboard space, the Express is one of the models you'll want
to check out.
Though it's smaller (and cheaper), the Express keeps all of the power of the larger
Deluxe. Usually, pared-down versions of larger centrifugal models will compromise
A number of the power of their bigger counterparts for smaller size. But the Express
Features the exact same wattage (250) and RPM (3,600) as the Deluxe.
The equal power behind the Express means that this compact machine can handle
Tough, hard produce with the same efficiency and simplicity of the Deluxe. Like the Deluxe,
the Express delivers impressive juice yields when used properly, and the juice comes
out clean and sweet.
Also like the Deluxe, the whisper quiet motor of the Express is surprisingly nonintrusive,
And a nice feature for early-morning juicing enthusiasts. It's quiet enough
That owners have the ability to stand next to it and have a conversation at a normal speaking
volume. A buyer shared that her roommate wasn't even aware she was juicing until
she brought a glass of juice to the roommate.
Though not all the parts of this are dishwasher-safe, customers found it relatively easy
to clean with the included brush. A buyer compared the pieces to Lego because they
Are big and easy to clean. She went as far as giving it a 6 out of 5 star rating!
The Majority of the components of the Express are made of plastic (except the blade, of
course). There are varying reports of the Express's longevity and durability--there
Were a substantial group of one-star reviewers who claimed their machine broke after
A few months. However, there were also many five-star reviewers who had used this
for years without incident.
Those who had owned their Express for a long time stressed the importance of being
gentle with this machine. Some centrifugal models are designed to liquefy produce
whole, almost on contact. The Express is not that sort of machine, however.
To avoid breaking this machine, reviewers suggested cutting up produce into smaller
pieces and "letting gravity do the work," instead of pushing down hard on the plunger.
For its compact size and lower price, the Express keeps pace with the larger LaLanne
models. The Express offers high yields and comparable power, wrapped up in a
smaller package.
It's a Wonderful juicer for beginners, shoppers on a budget, or those with limited available
kitchen space. It's not the sturdiest juicer by a long shot, but with care and proper use,
The Express can keep delivering a high quality and amount of juice for quite a long time.
3. Power Juicer Pro
The Power Juicer Pro is the high-end member of the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer
series, with an updated stainless steel construction.
The durable fabricated steel build is more or less the only difference between the Pro
and other Power Juicer models. It operates at the same rate of 3,600 RPM, and
Features the same 250-motor. The blade and mesh basket of this juicer are also made
Of high quality stainless steel.
Like the other the LaLanne Power Juicers, the Pro features an extra wide feed tube,
non-drip spout, and a whisper quiet operation. It also features a large-capacity pulp
collection chamber, and all the components of this machine are dishwasher-safe.
There's also a lifetime warranty on the motor for the Power Juicer Pro.
If you read the reviews above, you'll know that one of the major downsides of Jack
LaLanne juicers is the flimsy plastic construction of some components. The Power
Juicer Pro tackles this problem head on, replacing the plastic of the Deluxe and
Express with a high-grade, surgical quality steel.
More metal components also mean the Pro is easier to clean, and has an all-around
More modern and sleeker appearance in contrast to other LaLanne Juicers.
Like the other LaLanne juicers, the Pro regularly delivers a high quality and quantity
Of juice compared to other centrifugal models. If you're looking for the high yields
That LaLanne juicers are famous for, but worry about the durability of the lower end
models, the Power Juicer Pro is your best option.
A biochemist's review said that the yield was most impressive from this product. As
With the Deluxe and the Express, the Pro features a quiet motor, even when the juicer
is working through tougher produce. The motor on the Pro is also protected by a
lifetime warranty.
The Pro improves on the durability of the lower-cost LaLanne juicers--but not much
else. At almost twice the cost of the Power Juicer Express, we're a disappointed to see
That the Jack LaLanne company didn't add any extra features or improved operation to
the Pro to justify the higher cost.
For fans of LaLanne juicers, the extra cost is worth it, considering the biggest
weakness of other Power Juicers is their flimsy plastic components. Still, most juicer
Brands sweeten the cost of their "premium" juicers with an improved motor, variable
speed controls, or some similar improvement of the lower end model. It's a little
disheartening to see the Pro isn't among these.
The main advantage that the Pro offers over previous LaLanne Power Juicers is an
updated, high-grade steel frame. This new model has none of the flimsy components
Of previous LaLanne juicers, as well as being easier to clean and all-around better
For the price, it would have been nice to see more improvements added to the Pro. But
if you're attracted to the high yields and quiet operation of other LaLanne juicers, the
Pro is the ideal model to invest in in term of longevity.

Which LaLanne Juicer is Perfect for You?
The Jack LaLanne line of juicers share a lot in common, but display enough diversity
to appeal to any juice fan shopping for their next centrifugal juicer. LaLanne juicers
Are particularly good at delivering consistent, high yields of juice, in addition to being
some of the quietest juicers on the market.
The inexpensive Power Juicer Deluxe can be considered the successor to the initial
Jack LaLanne Power Juicer, with an attractive new metal and black frame and a nondrip
spout. This middle of the road option is a good choice for those looking for a
Solid, effective centrifugal juicer at reasonable price.
If you're trying to conserve cash or space in your kitchen, check out the Power Juicer
Express. It packs all the same power and efficiency of LaLanne's larger juicers, but it
comes in a more compact and wallet-friendly package.
The Power Juicer Pro is the most durable of the Jack LaLanne juicers, with a highquality
steel build that looks great on the kitchen counter. If you want the famously
high LaLanne juice yields, but worry about the longevity of your next juicer, the Pro
Is your best bet.


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