9 Tips For Tips For Food Processor

Aicok White Mini Food Processor
It might be small, but the Aicok is a strong food
Processor that's designed for chopping, mincing,
Blending, pureeing, and shredding an assortment o

ingredients. This super small food processor is a great
Option for singles or for couples who wish to simplify
their food preparation and cooking. With 250-watts of
Power and stay-sharp 4-bi-level blades which are made from
Strong 304 food grade stainless steel, the chip
Delivers an excellent performance.
Whether you are making dips or pesto or sauces for a
dinner party, making your own meatballs, or preparing
Baby food, the Aicok processor features an ergonomic
Design and a one-touch operation, making the
Machine comfortable and easy to use.
One press of a button and the processing whiz jumps into
action and it can process your food in 8 seconds.

a 1-liter capacity. Cleaning up is so easy with the Aicok
Mini processor as the bowl and blades can be easily taken
apart to be spaced into the top shelf of your dishwasher. If
you prefer to hand-wash the attachments, please take care
As they are super sharp.
A great space saver, the Aicok food processor has a
compact design and can easily fit on your kitchen benchtop.
Aicok also offers a 2-year limited warranty, and they
Have excellent customer service. The processor also
Comes with a manual.
What we like:
Ideal for one or two people
Great price
Excellent food processor
Lots of power
Great quality
Can perform a wide range of functions
Super sharp blades
Very easy to use and clean
What we don't like:
Cord is too short
Not ideal for heavy-duty food preparation


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